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I’m participating in a sale on Canada Day again this year, and so it appears I need to make new monsters! Here’s a few new ones….they are, I am almost ashamed to admit, made with acrylic yarn (gasp!), but my experience with the Canada Day crowd is that acrylic is probably the way to go. I’m trying to keep the designs simple and less time-consuming (as much as I’m able, lol) so I can keep the prices reasonable as well. Hence the crocheted monsters instead of the hugely labour intensive wool felt ones.

I’ll have more of the Knit-Heads I offered last year, as they seemed popular and were a good, inexpensive sort of item for parents to buy their kids, or themselves! I don’t know if I’ll have many embroidered brooches/pins, but I might design some little 1 1/4″ buttons to make with the button press.

Anyways, that’s all for now. So little time, so many monsters to create!


The rant served it’s purpose, but seeing as how I give out this address to people who want to see my artwork, I figured it probably wasn’t appropriate/professional to keep it up, and I’ve made it private. Thanks to those who read it, liked it, or commented on it, it was nice to be heard!

And since I don’t think a post is a post without some eye candy, here are pics of two of the pendants I’ve made lately:


minervareversaSince I spent about half of last month fretting over and nursing back to health my wee kitty companion Minerva, she’s been on my mind a lot lately. She’s all better now, thank goodness, but I realized I hardly take pictures of her anymore, and, lame as this sounds, I realized that she’s not going to live forever (not that she’s so very old or anything), so I might as well have lots of pics of the little beastie.

minervayawnI’ve only ever had to give her pills once before, many years ago, when she came to me from the shelter with a lovely case of tapeworms. I remember it being difficult to get her to take a pill, but holy shit, having to give her 2 a day for 7 days made me feel like an absolute monster!! I was probably as relieved as she was when that was all done with…

Anyways, I know this is supposed to be a blog for crafty/arty stuff, but I’m posting cat stuff anyways. She’s been my constant companion for about 8 years now, and is as much a part of my life as any of my artistic endeavours. Plus she’s such a gorgeous little fuzz-lump, how could I not want to show her off?

I’ve been up to all sorts of crafting shenanigans, mostly involving bead embroidery and off-loom beadweaving projects. I’ll get around to posting pics eventually. Maybe.

It’s Aliiiiiive!

Unfinished & Untitled (for now!)

Unfinished & Untitled (for now!)

Mostly this is just a little post to break the silence. I’m working on some updates and additions to this blog, including an updated ‘about Meemats’ page, a page with a gallery of my artwork, possibly a page where I can post galleries of my favorite thrift shopping finds, though I did start a separate blog for that eons ago and maybe I should just use that….Anyways, yeah….updates coming!

Also, I feel I should note that I got an iPod Touch earlier this month (I still refuse to get a cell phone, but this, this I can do!), and I might as well glue the damned thing to my hand for all the time it spends out of it!! I’m currently obsessed with playing Final Fantasy 3. I love geekery on the go!

Monsters in the Yard

Hmm, summer seems to finally be approaching, and I think I might be the only one who’s grumbling about it. I don’t like summer — or at least, I don’t like the heat. Makes me grumpy. And sticky.

Thankfully for my little monster creations, they have no pores and can’t sweat, so they’re happy as can be in whatever weather. The little guy to your left is a relatively new creation, as yet unnamed. I think he’s looking for the sea, and feels a little scared to be on dry land. Also I failed to notice that one of his little arms is bent backwards in the photo…his arms all have bits of wire in them so he can be posed.

Then there’s this gal, also unnamed, a rather more confident creature altogether. I haven’t made a monster in this style for a couple of years, and I’m remembering now why I haven’t — it’s a lot of bloody work! This particular style has 12 pattern pieces in total!

I’m currently gearing up for Canada Day at the VCAC, where I’ll have a little table with some of my handmade wares for sale. Mostly it’ll be brooches like the ones I posted about earlier, and the monsters I’ve been posting about, and whatever else I can make up during the rest of this month. I just received a new order of gorgeous 100% wool felt from Bear Dance Crafts, to replenish my supplies, so I’m armed and ready to crank out felty crafty goodness!


 In thrift shopping news, my latest find was this gorgeous glass canister that I picked up for a very reasonable $8 last week. After doing a little research, it seems to be a Moon and Stars pattern flour canister made (possibly?) by LE Smith. Don’t quote me on any of that info, it’s just what a very quick Googling unearthed. But I’m a sucker for retro glassware, and I’m a sucker for this particular drool-worthy shade of red, so I was super pumped when I spotted this baby on a shelf at the local Salvation Army shop.

I’m still searching for a place in my apartment with consistently good lighting to take photos in.  Right now I’m taking them in a corner of Minerva’s favorite windowsill, hence the presence of that feline mischief maker in the above photos. What I need to do is set up a little table where I can put props and a backdrop for photographing things right by the window. Or I could do what I did for the monster pics in this post and find outdoor places to take photos of some of the more portable stuff. Decisions, decisions…


Well, I’ve been on a thrift shopping diet for the last month, and yesterday I broke my fast with a trip to ye olde local thrifte shoppe (yeesh, that was more annoying than I thought it would be…sorry, folks!). I found, among other things, this cute little couple of foxy shakers — salt and pepper shakers, that is — who, though battered and beaten, were too adorable to leave on the shelf. I have a slight weakness for vintage kitschy-fugly ceramic woodland creatures. I try to avoid buying them, but the boy fox’s top hat and cane combo won me over, not to mention the girl fox’s mob cap and umbrella. ‘Twas love. Kitschy, fugly, shelf-cluttering love.

In crafty news, uh….look at these pictures!

Scrappy monsters! I’ve got to say, I have been very vehement on the topic of eyelash yarn in the past, but at the same time I found myself wondering if it could have a use beyond fugly knitted scarves with a ‘sassy’ and ‘youthful’ appeal.*  So I gave making monsters with the stuff a whirl, and….well, the green one I like, but the beige one kinda scares me. Might just be the facial expression though….hmm. Looks like he’s stuffed his mouth with something (possibly a kitten, but let’s not jump to conclusions) and is now in the process of choking on it?

Speaking of stuffing one’s face, I need to make me some dinner.**


*Please to forgive my judgment, I have the Girl Cramps and am a wee bit bitchy today.

**For the record, my dinner will not consist of a kitten, whatever the monster’s dinner may have been.

My crafting lesson for today? Either wear a thimble or use a pair of pliers to push a needle through leather cord. That’s the blunt end that went through my fingernail, folks!

That is all.


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